Arron Yan Denies Lead Role Being Replaced By Showbiz Newbie

Hello everyone! I love Arron Yan so I just had to share some information that I found of him. Don’t you just find him and the rest of Fahrenheit so cute? (:


Aaron Yan Denies Lead Role being Replaced by Showbiz Newbie

Taiwanese pop idol group Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore to gather with their fans at the two meet-the-fans sessions. A Taiwan idol drama led by one of the member Aaron Yan has been hailed for a year. It is rumoured that Nick, son of Taiwan’s veteran artiste Billy, will replace Aaron’s role as the male lead and that all completed scenes are to go to waste. Aaron denied this claim in a media round table interview with local media after meeting with their fans.

“I’ve consulted the company on this and they have severely denied this piece of news. At the moment, I have two scripts in my hands. The company is carefully sculpting the character in the drama to suit me, thus causing the delay in production, and people started making use of this to create sensationalized headline stories. In fact, I personally know the newcomer mentioned in the report and we’ve been in touch before. I can only clarify that this whole incident is not at all true,” Aaron clarified with a stern voice.

Another member of the Fahrenheit group, Calvin Chen was also rumoured to have invited his “underground lover” to Fahrenheit’s concert held in Hong Kong recently. According to hearsay, the revelation of this piece of news had eventually led to a fan attempting suicide. Calvin addressed the issue during the session, explaining that the invited guest was just a platonic friend.

“I’ve heard about this but can’t confirm if it was true. I’ve left messages through the media and on websites for my fans to warn them against such undesired behaviour. It was even reported that my “girlfriend” is a Malaysian, which is not at all true,” Calvin responded.

Fahrenheit’s heartthrob Wu Chun also gave his two cents worth on the issue, “This is not a desired behaviour, if it really happens, the fans will get it from me.”

Calvin, who has been notorious for ‘framing’ the others in the group, did not give up his chance to do so during the meet-and-greet session, where he sets up Jiro Wang to do push ups on stage, while he escapes from stage with his faulty zipper. Besides, Calvin even attempted to divert the media’s attention by claiming that Wu Chun’s rumoured child was actually his!

The later part of the fans’ session turned a little solemn as Aaron shed tears on stage upon reminiscing his grandfather who has passed away while he was on his promotional tour for their second album. His tears were dried by fans who started to brace him up with shouts of encouragement.

Fahrenheit’s meet-the-fans and autograph sessions marked a roaring success, with thousands of fans turning up to show their support. Besides presenting the two songs that was pre-planned, the group also surprised fans with a third song, and Calvin also showcased his beat-box talent, which he picked up for the concert, seemingly an attempt to combat the rumour about them lip synching in previous performances.

Due to overwhelming responses and time constraint at the autograph session, history repeated itself when Fahrenheit failed to sign all albums despite spending four hours doing so. Fans went home with great disappointment, leaving regrets for Fahrenheit as well. The quartet, however, promised their fans that all albums will be signed in their next visit to Singapore.



3 Responses to “Arron Yan Denies Lead Role Being Replaced By Showbiz Newbie”

  1. 1 geononast
    April 8, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true;
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    it came off http://ringtonecarrier.com
    Thanks 🙂

    • 2 Keenly
      April 8, 2009 at 10:13 pm

      um, im sorry but i dont really understand the question. are you asking about the phone/ringtone thingy? or something else. if you can be more specific then we can try to find out the answer to your question. please and thank you.

  2. April 21, 2009 at 9:14 am

    ehm ,,, all about fahrenheit .
    I LIKE IT !!!

    but you may take many photo from fahrenheit n put in this blog .><

    OK ???

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