Kim HyunJoong still smiles to fans even after fatigue and flu

Daaamn, he’s so cute (: ❤


Credits : sportshankook + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

‘Please stop worrying now!’

Group SS501’s Kim HyunJoong smiled for his fans even though he is exhausted.

Kim HyunJoong met with about 100 fans in a fan sign session held on 07-Apr, 1pm, at Lotte Hotel located in SoGong-dong, Jonggu, Seoul.

Kim HyunJoong wore a sleek suit with black fedora for the event. We see Kim HyunJoong drinking a lot of water as he was down with fatigue and flu. There were about 100 fans, including Korean, Japanese and Chinese fans, who watched him in concern.

Kim HyunJoong finished the 1-hour fan sign session and greeted his fans “It would be better if my body condition is good, I think I’ve shown you too much of myself when I’m unwell. I am preparing for the release of our 2nd official album and Asia Tour Concert. I hope that you will support our 2nd album until it ‘daebak’ (great success/big hit).”

Kim HyunJoong made the others worried when he was sent to the hospital after fainting during a CF filming in one studio located at Gangnam, Seoul on 03-Apr. 4 days after he fainted, he met with about 100 fans for this official fan sign event, signing and shook hands with each and every one of them, and even taking photographs.
Kim HyunJoong’s company said “He has not fully recovered yet. Even though we are able to cancel this fan sign event, he himself decided to go ahead with it in order to keep his promise with his fans.” We can see his accumulated fatigue through Kim HyunJoong’s face during this day’s fan sign event.


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