Jiyong’s Newly Permed Hair

I love Jiyong and all…but the hair…But he does have a great sense of style to make up for it 😀 ❤


Bigbang, not only one of Korea’s best idol groups but also a fashion icon, has stepped forward to support SBS Hope TV.

Bigbang will help advertise the program, starting by participating in the Hope TV showcase on the 8th.

On the day of the showcase, GD revealed newly permed hair.

Since GD has made many shocking hair style changes, such as his mushroom hair, ‘duck’ hair and Mohican hair style, the Korean netizens have been very sensitive about his new styles. Recently in one website ‘GD’s permed hair’ has become a hot issue.

In one of the interviews with GD’s hair stylist, he/she mentioned that “GD likes to change himself, so that’s why his hair style changes quite frequently. When doing his hair, GD always explains very specifically how he wants his hair and also says ‘I want to have my own unique style’. GD also always steps in to help with his own and his group’s styling”

Also the stylist mentioned that “The ‘duck’ hair, where he ties up his bangs, and the mohican hair style was all GD’s idea.”

On the other hand, Hope TV is an annual program held in May to help the less-fortunate, and also a hot issue because many celebrities participate in this program.

This year’s official t-shirt was designed by Sean and manufactured by NII. They are planning on donating all the profits. This t-shirt will be sold in the SBS Hope TV website(tv.sbs.co.kr/2009sbsTV24), the fair and all the NII shops in the country.

<윤나래 기자 mayfish@asiatoday.co.kr>
Translation credit: Beau @ VIPZ

Post taken from: Beau@VIPz Overseas


2 Responses to “Jiyong’s Newly Permed Hair”

    April 11, 2009 at 6:42 am

    sigh :[
    i hope it gets cuter!

  2. 2 ebelle
    April 22, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    kawaii “)

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