Lollipop big bang & 2ne1 -homevideo-

so i was just surfing youtube when i found this vid. its three girls who redid the lollipop mv. its funny and kinda scarring in a way. ESPECIALLY the girl in the YELLOW jacket. *cough cough* shes suppost to be seungri. -dont see the resemblance…..- hehe. im just kidding… maybee.. sorta… not really…. no…. im not..  on the other hand, the other two girls look really cute, *sigh* and then theres that OTHER girl…. heres the vid and you can tell of what you think.

haha jk, i sounded a little mean earlier, but then again i cant lie. the girl who was seungri and daesung (yellow jacket and white vest) if you couldnt tell, was super GAHH!!!. haha.

(ps. i acutallly know her, im not some random stranger on the internet haha)


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