New Girl Group T-ara Is Unveiled

after much anticipation, Mnet’s new girl group T-ara is finally revealed. the group consists of five girls: ji yeon, eun jung, hyo min, ji won and ji ae. practically all of these girls are already known in the kpop industry. ji yeon was in a few mvs for SG Wannabe, ji won and eun jung were in a movie or two and hyo min was in popular band FT Island’s Heaven MV.


-personally im not sure if im going to listen to their music. i probably will, but i usually like girly girly girls and tend to lean on guy groups. i love the wonder girls and thats about it for girl groups. solo artists like bae seul gi, son dam bi and BoA i like a lot, maybe because of the images they have. T-ara so far as ive seen has the image that girl group KARA recently portrayed and said to steal from widely popular girl group SNSD (so nyeo shi dae). its the soft colors, pastels and flowly cloth dresses image. its not so bad as an image but its starting to get overdone. i think if T-ara wants to survive and do well in the music industry they should have good music -obvious, and we’re all waiting on how they sound- and as a new group about to debut have an image that people will remember because its different and not become a topic of “oh they’re stealing their image from snsd..” and such. but then again its hard finding a fresh image.

i think the girls are cute so i hope they do well!

some solo shots of each member:


ji yeon:

eun jung:

hyo min:

ji won:

-small resemblance to snsd’s Yoona back in the day when she was in Super Junior’s U mv? maybe its just me then…

ji ae:

dang, i would usually pick the one i think is cutest by now, but its a dead tie for me with ji ae and ji yeon. they’re both so cute.


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