Big Bang’s GDragon’s solo album postponed

love this pic!! gd hottnesss <33

Fashionista and leader of mega-popular group Big Bang, GDragon (Kwon JiYong)’s solo album which was due for this month has been postponed to august of this summer.

Here is the article:

Credits@Sookeong (k Bites) for original article

“Unfortunately, JiYoung’s solo album, set to be released in April, has to be postponed.

About 2 months back, I’ve heard news about JiYoung being very tired from people in my surrounding, and I met up with JiYoung and we had him sent for a counselling. His condition is a bit more serious that a slump and depression.

This is because there has not been a real break for him since debut, it has been a toll both mentally and physically. Under this condition, the stress he has to go through for his first solo album is even more.

Even though it is said that their promotional activities have ended with their ‘Big Show Concert’ in February, they have to continue working for their new album set to be released in Japan in June and also busy with CF filming. The truth is that there is not enough time for JiYoung to release his solo album in April.

Looking at JiYoung and him being so tired, I just feel very sorry. I never consider the time and environment that he is working under but I have always expected good results.

So I said, “JiYoung ah, no need to care about the exact timing but just prepare the album at the your own pace. Even if it is until next yaer.” and had gave him the responsibilities to work on producing for 2NE1’s album.

Even though issues at hand are important, I believe fans who have been waiting anxiously for his solo album will think the same as I do.

So after that it has been about 1 month. And JiYoung came back with his bright and cheerfulness again. So lately he has been back enthusiastic about his own album again.

We are predicting that the album will be a minialbum with 7 songs recorded in it. Because this album will also feature newly invited composers in the works, fans will get to enjoy music of a different feel from what we have seen so far. All 7 songs will express JiYoung’s own special music style. I personally thinks that they are satisfying.

With regard to the concept and style for his solo album, JiYoung is currently having a vacationg in Europe (for about 8 days). And the works for the album is already at its last step. Coming June-July period is the period for Big Bang to release and promote their new Japan album. Hence for JiYoung’s solo album it will be scheduled to be released in August.

We hope for fans’ understanding.”

awww, poor gd, i hope he has fun on his vacation and rests well in europe. still excited for the album!! love that boy to death. haha


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