2PM’s Nichkhun in Tears

On May 2nd, Nich Khun of 2PM has caught the attention of fans after appearing on SBS Star King for a special Children’s Day (May 5th) Special Arts program. It was a touching episode in which a children’s choir left not a dry eye in the house. Super Junior and 2PM were guests on the show and ShinDong and even MC Kang Ho Dong shed tears listening to the children in the BitSori Choir from the Hanvit School for the Blind. NichKhun has taken the spotlight with his sensitive weeping image.

2PM’s Wooyoung lent his shoulder and comforted Nich Khun as he was moved by the touching angelic voices of children who could not see. Viewers praised Khun’s good heart and were impressed by his beautiful caring heart.

The 2PM managers said that even though Khun was talking with Kim Ji Ho, the oppa choir leader, backstage, tears started rolling down his face once he heard the children singing. It seemed that he felt a great sympathy for those children.

Seventeen year old Kim Ji Ho will be working on his album called “Blue Ocean,” set to release later this month and working on becoming a singer.

credits: allkpop


1 Response to “2PM’s Nichkhun in Tears”

  1. May 4, 2009 at 6:25 am

    Nichkhun and Shindong are so sweet. Even Hodong couldn’t control himself from crying. I wish all the students from the blind school a very very best of luck and be strong.. T__T I was moved by the articles just now and its just very heartwarming to see the celebrities were there to give the support to the children.I’m so proud of both Super Junior and 2PM. Thank you for the info and thanks StarKing.

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