2pm Boys Win Their Very First Award :]]

yayyyy! congrats to the boys! after their debut in the summer of 08 theyve won their first award. im pretty sure it wont be their last. these boys are too talented to not win more than just one award. :]] haha jaebum looks so cute and proud holding the award. :]] omg theyre so cute in the interview. all of them, i loved how they all talked about issues concerning themselves in a fun way enstead of lame boring anwers like, “oh there isnt much to complain about each other, blah blah, we’re all diff. blah blah,” haha but rather they talked about their problems. haha :]] love these boys.

Credits@allkpop for the photo and interview translations

The daytime boys also did a recent candid interview with mk.co.kr about their greatest insecurities. My favorite thing about the Korean entertainment scene is how the variety show appearances and interviews humanize the celebrities we hold in such high regard, so I particularly enjoyed this segment.

Credit to 2PM Online for the translation (edited a bit for smoothness):

Jaebeom said, “I’m short? No, just average.” Jaebeom, 2PM’s leader, insisted that he did not feel down about his average-level height. But it’s because the average height of 2PM’s members is 180 cm, that made him seems short by comparison. However, even though Jaebeom is 174cm, his wonderful ‘chocolate abs’ are the best in this group. Jaebeom also added that, “My Korean is not good enough. So when we were in TV or radio programs, I could not understand the whole thing or laugh together with the group and this awkwardness made me feel down.” Jaebeom was born in the US (Seattle), but has lived in Korea for the last five years to train as a singer.

Chansung, the youngest in the group, said, “I am a true native Korean, but the group teases me about my Korean being worse than Jaebeom-hyung’s. When I say something, my words do not flow smoothly. They have teased me about this. ” He said with a laugh. “However, I still cannot fix this problem, so it makes me feel down.” Chansung said humorously that, “Because I have a childish personality, I did not get angry when they tease me. All hyungs always like to do that, and I am an easy-going and playful guy. ” “However, when they tease that my Korean is worse than Jaebeom-hyung who lived in US for 18 years, it seems a bit too much.”

Junsu said, “My forgetfulness is a serious problem.” He mentioned one time where he forgot his purse and the worst case: when he lost his video camera that cost a million won. The expensive camera was a reward from a singing contest which he won before the group’s debut. “I was shocked.” That camera is very important for Junsu’s dance practices. The boys said, “he might have amnesia.” Junsu sighed and said, “when that happened, I become serious about this problem and thought that I should get some hypnosis treatment”

Taecyeon has a problem with his “unique” dressing style. He said, “My dressing style doesn’t work.” The other members said loudly, “It’s not ‘doesn’t work’ but ‘weird’.” Taecyeon responded angrily that, “do we need to dress fashionably when we go to the supermarket?” Then, he smile and said, “not only my friends, but even fans have teased me about this. So, I should pay attention to this.” It seems like Taecyeon still has confidence on his fashion philosophy though: “I have my own style.”

Junho said “I’m not a funny guy? Let’s rethink it later tonight,” Junho said, “my friends said I’m not a funny guy but actually it’s because I’m intended not to be funny, instead watching others’ reaction.” The members tried to tease Junho’s words but he reacted calmly by saying, “before you go to bed to night, think about it thoroughly and laugh.” “I’m the one who most easily feels down. I always think that I could have done better after our stage performances,” Junho said.

Wooyoung: “Don’t ask me why I cried last night, my eyes are just naturally puffy.” “Sometimes our fans asked me why I cried last night.” Wooyoung said. “My eyes are small, so when they get puffy in the morning, I can’t go anywhere.” During the interviewing, the reporter told him, “it is not that bad.” Woo Young responded quickly, “it could be seen clearly through TV, my eyes often disappear.” He sigh dejectedly, “is it an incurable symptom?”

Nichkhun said, “I’m very happy, I can eat as much as I want and never gain weight.” The last member of the group simply said about the topic of ‘feeling down’, “I’m happy.” He was trying to gather and arrange Korean in his head, which his mind isn’t very good at, for a few moments. He simply said “I ate a lot but have not gained weight…” Then, his team members shouted loudly, “that’s enough!” Nickhun intended to say that his muscle is less than other members but it seems like he said something wrong. He added, “because I’m not good at Korean.” Other 2PM members clicked their tongue and said, “he is good at Korean, just not in this kind of [interview] situation.”


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