Big Bang’s My Heaven MV OUT!

OMG! big bangs new japanese single My Heaven, the japanese version of heaven from their Stand Up mini album is now released. the mv is cute but not liking gds hair. its just too long on him or maybe its just the way he styled it. usually that boy can pull off most hairstyles but not this one… well when his hair is tied its okay looking. but just NOT when its down. he just looks, (i dont even have a word for it…)haha. on a good note DAMN TOP LOOKS HOTT!! *sizzle…* :]] haha he looked GOOD. seungri and daesung were cute and taeyang looks the same. haha hes cute too but that boy never changes his hair. well since he got that fohawk thingy. haha. anyway heres the mv, enjoy the cuteness.


***if you havent seen the mv and DONT wanna know what happens, DONT read the following. about to talk about the mv plot here vv. :]***

so, the mv.  im not so sure if i interpreted the mv right but i think that its about gd who had a gf, she left him, he still loves her and sees her with another dude, but still loves her? im not too great at understanding mvs. only sometimes i understand them fully. haha. if anyone understands the mv wanna help me out? hehe. OMG tops hair!! sorry just LOVE it so much. haha so cute watching daesung DRIVE. i think he really did drive in some scenes since he was gonna be the first to get his liscense. (maybe he has it now? idk haha) if he really did drive it looks better than taeyang in Haru Haru. haha if you didnt notice, watch seungri’s face at the end of his part in the second verse. taeyang is driving, comes to a stop in the parking lot and seungri’s face is like “waoh” at the stop for like a split second. haha is it me or does the mv sorta resemble Haru Haru. just a smidge, i mean in both: gd has the gf, gf leaves for another guy (whom gd sees her with at some point) and hes running for her. haha. idk maybe its me i just found it similar. OMG the KISS with gd and his gf!!!! the angle makes it look like they DID NOT kiss but it was cute looking. and the girl wasnt ugly so im okay. haha. the scenery was really pretty too and by the water and the tuex. was nice too. :]] a little cliche on the setting but it looked soo prettyy. cliche isnt always bad. :]


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